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Best Smartphone Repair Malaysia

Million Gadget Empire (also well-known as Dr. Gadget Subang Jaya) is considered as one of the top smartphone repair specialist in Malaysia. We are capable to repair all smartphones and most of the smart devices in the market.

Get the best smartphone repair Malaysia with us. At Million Gadget Empire, we have acquired one of the most skilled technicians to serve you with all the professional and reliable smartphone repairing services. Either your touchscreens are not working properly or you are beginning to face other issues like sound problems, lagging issues along a poor display; you can always contact us and get your smartphone fixed. Our experienced team would restore its performance to fullest.


Most Optimized Smart Repairing Solutions

One size won’t fit all – we believe. We are not here to treat every customer in a templated manner by suggesting the replacement of everything; instead, we closely look at each smartphone device and find the most specific problem and try our best to fix the actual problem before suggesting the replacement. For example, if there would be a minor crack in your Smartphone screen, we won’t suggest you make it replaced at the first instant; but, we’ll try to fix your screen using advanced refurbishment techniques. That’s why Million Gadget Empire is counted among the top smartphone repair Malaysia.

Why Choose Us?

Certified & Experienced Technicians

We are proud to announce that all of our technicians are certified and they have strong problem-solving skills for different types of smartphone issues ranging from instant ones to the bigger problems.

High-Quality Parts Replacement

If there is any part replacement required, we make sure to replace your existing damaged parts with other high-quality parts or accessories that may last longer than you expect.

Competitive Pricing

We assure you that you would find the most competitive repairing price in Malaysia with us. Perhaps, many customers would choose us for the smartphone repairing tasks as we offer the cheapest price for most of our services.


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